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Here at A+ Contractors, we’re experts at providing exceptional services to the public and private sector. Our services include excavation & grading services, commercial landscaping & erosion control, water solutions, snow removal, underground utilities installation, aggregate material supply, demolition, and more!

Our projects range from a bridge restoration for the City of Duluth, to pond restoration for Thompson Township. We also have ongoing projects with the Department of Natural Resources, Duluth HRA, and private residents and businesses alike.

We’re a family-run company driven by our dedication to values, service and quality.

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group of aplus contractor workers working on asphalt in the twin ports

Extensive Capabilities and Meticulous Project Management

Since 2008, A+ Contractors has achieved success by providing complete site development services — grading, excavation, road construction, demolition, underground utilities and more — all while ensuring we stay on time and on budget. One of our key strengths is project management, and we’re confident we can meet your contracting needs while exceeding your expectations.
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